This is not a blog where I am bracing complaining about anything.


This is a regular blog like everyone else. Everyone has it – everyone is like me. If you do not like me or this blog swipe next. Move your mouse over to the “close window” symbol on your Internet browser and click close. Don’t read it. Or else if you hate it, read it every day to even hate it more – live it to the fullest if this is what you want.

If you stay – that’s fine with me. I welcome you with open arms. Everyone who enjoys reading about me and my experiences is highly welcome.

I want you to enjoy your time here.

What is this blog about?
Honestly, what is it about – I do not have a fucking clue.

Did you get asked what life is about early at the beginning of your life and have an answer to it. Gosh, do you have an answer 25 years into it? Well maybe you have, or you know that you should spend some thoughts – or maybe you are just fine not knowing it. But you sure as heck have no clue at the beginning of it – so why should I know?

I want to give something back, I want to give something to whoever wants or enjoys to listen and appreciates this pages.

Like you noticed by now I am like a 13teen-year-old teenage boy. Don’t expect more of me. Here, you won’t find something more than that. Let people think what they want about you. As long as you think about what they might think about their actions you are a slave to yourself.