Marrakech – a perfect hideout and incredible city! But you better get used to that everything has a different price that is said is has – starting with the taxi at the airport in Marrakech which brings me directly to where my trip began.

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to go to Marrakech. I flew in from Weeze, taking a cheaper flight to Marrakech, arriving at half past 5 in the evening. A Taxi normally cost you 100Dh which equals 10€ on the street – The actual course was 1:11 but only if you get cash from the ATM or buy your presents in one of the more serious stores. Don’t pay more than this if you can take a small taxi fitting 4 Persons.

Me, of course, did not pay only 10€ I paid 25€ for a reasoning that it would be far outside of Marrakech and that he can not find the Adress. So before you board the plane, get the address of your Hotel or Riad straight. Especially if you stay in a Riad, The Name of it, the exact Street Name and the number are important. Otherwise, they might tell you the same they did to me. Also look for a more famous place near to this address or contact your Riad. This always helps. And then just pretend that you have been here before and know the price for a single ride.

Nevertheless, It was my first time in Marrakech and the population actually is in need of the tourism and dependent on the money. What I am saying is pay what you want, just don’t let it be more than 25€

My first Riad was located right in the middle of Medina. Marrakech can be divided in the new and the old Marrakech. The old Marrakech is called Medina. I only stayed in Medina so this is what this post mainly will be about took just a very few detours outside of it.

After a 20min drive alongside the city walls, outer suburbs, driving through narrow streets with local stores just centimeters away, we finally arrived at a parking place. From there I had to walk another 7min to our Riad. If you are located in Medina, most of the time the car can’t go directly infant of the Riad due to the narrow street systems with its dead ends and. So you have to walk a bit on your own carrying your luggage or asking one of the locals to do this with their (Karren). You see them offering their service all over the city and almost at every tourist attraction.

I was welcomed very friendly and warm by the Riad lady who looks after the place. I got a free breakfast included which seems normal in Marrakech since I experienced the same at my second Riad.

Ben Youssef and the school of …

I went there on my first day and got disappointed. Due to constructions, it is closed for public entrance until the renovation is finished. The locals could give me a concrete answer on when it will be open again. The opinions ranged from two months to two years. Let’s hope that it will be only two months.

Palace de Badi

Palace II

Atlas Mountains


How I got myself a carpet

The garden of (Jardin Majorelle) Yves Saint Laurent Museum

The Garden of secrets (Jardin the secret)

Bevor you go to Marrakech:
– Do not take a drone!
– Find out the exact location or coordinate a pick up to your accommodation
– Do not hesitate to get Dirhams before – you can exchange your currency to Dirham
– Check whether you have all regular vaccines in your body